Maria Hernandez

"A writer is a world trapped in a person." - Victor Hugo

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I am a 2021 UCF graduate with a BA in English and a minor in Digital Media. I have experience working in a fast-paced environment and I am eager to apply my website development, creativity, and writing skills in a professional setting.

Maria hernandez


I am a creative individual with a passion for writing and problem-solving. Previously, I worked for a small publishing company where the company website was run by WordPress. I have been using WordPress since 2017 for my own personal blog reviewing Walt Disney World Resort Restaurants and Park events. Using the knowledge I had of WordPress, I improved the company website's efficiency by updating the manuscript submission form and improving the quality of book images in the shop. 

I strive for perfection in all of my work. There is always something to be improved so I often revisit old work with a fresh perspective to make the proper edits. Professional work should reflect the best of one's own abilities. Recently, I have been delving into freelance work through the website Fiverr. Helping others to spread their message and share their voice is important to me. Everyone's story deserves to be told and everyone deserves to feel heard. As a writer and content creator, I hope that I can aid others in their storytelling endeavors while also telling my own unique story in the process.

Maria Hernandez